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Bury NCR Printing

Carbonless Printing in Bury

ABC Design and Print have over thirty years of experience as commercial printers, offering high quality Bury NCR printing services throughout the area and the whole of the UK. Established in 1988, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a range of businesses across the country with our professional services. We have a vast knowledge of carbonless printing which has grown over the last thirty years, making us specialists in the area. Due to this wide range of knowledge we have been able to become completely adaptable to our clients needs. This means that no matter what your business or service, we can help you stay organised and professional.

No Carbon Required

NCR is an acronym for ‘no carbon required’, this being an updated version of carbon copy which was previously used for decades to replicate important documents. Carbon copy had various issues due to the separate sheet inserted between the two pieces of paper. This sometimes caused false duplicates as there were occasions where the paper would move and therefore not completely copy the information across.

NCR printing provides an easy, low-fuss solution to creating accurate copies quickly. This works as there is a layer of clay printed onto the underside of the original sheet with a coat of ink capsules on the copy sheet. These layers are extremely thin and therefore unnoticeable, making using the paper easy and seamless. When high pressure is applied onto the paper, the capsules break and ink is released onto the second page creating a permanent copy of the original.

The ink capsules are miniscule, creating an extremely high level of detail on the duplicate paper. This also prevents any smudges or inaccuracies in important data. ABC’s Bury NCR printing products are the best way to create high quality documentation for both your customers and yourself.

Custom Bury NCR Printing

With our decades of experience we have been able to provide Bury NCR printing that is tailored to our clients needs. We understand that printed products, especially important documents, need to be specific to your needs and business. Whatever it is that your require, we can create carbonless paper that fits your specifications perfectly.

Not only can we tailor the information on the paper to your business needs, we can also include essential information and designs for you. Including branding and contact details on your forms has various benefits that you should consider when you are investing in printing. It gives your forms a more professional look, as well as increasing brand awareness and making it easier for your customers to find your number. Don’t accept general NCR printing when you can come to ABC for a complete customisable service.

Printing Services

At ABC Design and Print we also offer in-house design services, working with you and your artwork to produce designs for a range of products and uses. We offer completely bespoke and unique services to work with your business and develop the exact product you are looking for. Alongside of this we also offer foil blocking printing, embossing and die cutting.

Our design and print services don’t stop there! If you have any commercial printing Bury needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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