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NCR Credit Notes

ABC Design and Print are a professional printing company that offer leading NCR printing. We create custom and bespoke credit notes, as well as many other forms of carbonless products including receipt books, invoices, delivery notes and more. Whatever you need to work effectively and easily, we make it happen. Discover more…

We’ve been working in the printing industry for thirty years and specialise in carbonless printing. We don’t create standard NCR credit notes, but instead tailor all our products to your business. With ABC, you get carbonless products complete with your phone number, address, branding and more. Whatever unique requirements you have, we can meet them and create high quality NCR credit notes that exceed your expectations. We also offer a range of other products, including timesheets and more!

What are Credit Notes?

Credit notes are a handy and easy way to give your customer a reduction on a future purchase or service. They tend to be used most commonly in refund transactions when a customer returns a product they no longer want. Rather than giving the customer their money back, a business can choose instead to give them a credit note. This can then only be used at the same business, rather than the customer choosing to go elsewhere once they have received their refund.

A credit note then functions as proof that the customer is in credit at your business. When they return in the future with their credit note, they can then receive a discount on their next purchase.

Credit notes are used in a huge number of different business, but it’s important that they look professional. Businesses that issue credit notes on branded paper complete with a phone number, address and, where appropriate, website, provide the customer with everything they need for an easy transaction in the future. This leads to happier customers and more business!

Why Choose NCR Printing?

NCR Printing allows you to keep a copy of every credit note for your own records. By creating clear, accurate and instant duplication of handwritten information, you can quickly create credit notes, while maintaining full and accurate records.

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