Invoice Book: Create Custom NCR Duplicate & Triplicate Books

Invoice Book

Create Custom NCR Duplicate & Triplicate Books


Where there are businesses and customers, there are invoices to be delivered. Every company knows the importance of maintaining records of payments, but so do your customers. Because of this, it’s vital that you can create duplicate, or even triplicate, invoices to allow multiple parties to keep accurate records. When it comes to handwritten information, such as signatures, it’s not always simple to replicate a document. However, with ABC Design and Print, it is. You can create a custom NCR invoice book.


How does an NCR Invoice Book Work?


As mentioned, a carbonless invoice pad, allows you to create duplicate invoices that can be given to customers, suppliers or kept as a record within your own business. They’re particularly important as they allow handwritten information to be copied instantly between the duplicate or triplicate layers of the invoice.

NCR is the updated version of carbon copy, which was the original way to replicate information. Unlike the original, however, NCR means ‘no carbon required’. It works using micro layers of clay and ink. When a small area of pressure is applied, a chemical reaction takes place between the clay and ink, allowing NCR to reproduce a highly accurate copy onto the layers beneath the original invoice.

It means that your, or a client’s, signature can be instantly replicated for different people’s records, as well as many other pieces of information, such as your customer’s phone number. NCR produces much more accurate duplicate information than carbon copy as it doesn’t lose any detail. It minimises the chances of you or your customer confusing numbers or letters!

ABC also offer special printing that prevents the NCR from transferring certain parts of the information to the duplicate copy. This is called security masking. It means that any sensitive information is kept private.

ABC create a huge range of other NCR printed products, which includes carbonless invoices through to timesheets – and many other options.


Create Custom Invoices

Because ABC is a professional printing service, we cater to all your business needs, which includes custom printing. It’s vital that your business can create a custom invoice book rather than supplying generic invoices to your clients.



You can include all your branding in every invoice book. This constantly reinforces your business’s identity between every transaction, increasing the likelihood of return custom. (If your business doesn’t have a professional logo, or wants to update your branding, ABC have design services too!)

Many of your customers are likely to keep invoices pinned to their noticeboard or fridges. Not only does this allow your customer to constantly see your branding, reinforcing it in their own mind, but it also means that their guests and visitors will see your logo too!


Your Contact Details

As well as logo and branding, you can also ensure that your invoice book is complete with your contact details — everything from your phone number to email address. Your customers can easily find your contact details at the instant they want them, making return service simple. Make it easy for your customers to get back in touch with a custom NCR invoice book.



If you want to create triplicate or duplicate invoice books, then get in touch with ABC Design and Print today. They also offer many other NCR products, including credit notes, timesheets and more.


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