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Leeds Carbonless and NCR Printing

Commercial printing in Leeds

ABC Design and Print are professional and highly experienced commercial printers. We have been in operation since 1988, giving us almost 30 years worth of printing expertise. We specialise in NCR printing. This is carbonless printing that allows easy and fuss-free duplication of documents. It means that you can deliver replicas of invoices, receipts and forms to your customer, while keeping copies for your own records.

We offer duplicate, triplicate and quadruplicate NCR printing, meaning you can create as many copies as you require. Along with our standard carbonless products, we offer bespoke services. We offer any and every personalised commercial printing service, so if you’re looking for something unique or niche from designs to extras, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What is Carbonless NCR?

NCR is the printing industry’s acronym for ‘no carbon required’. It originates from the old method of creating duplicates of documents: carbon copy. Carbon copy used a separate sheet that was inserted between two pieces of paper, the original and the duplicate. When pressure was applied, it would print in carbon a copy of the writing or marks.

This method was frustrating for a number of reasons. It was difficult to fix the sheet into a stable position. As the sheet was separate, it often led to uneven copy where one of the sheets moved while filling out a form. It was also more messy and more expensive than many businesses and people liked.

NCR carbonless printing was introduced as an alternative to carbon copies. It doesn’t have an inserted sheet, but the paper itself is coated with specialist clay and ink layers. When a pressure point, such as a pen or dot matrix printer, is applied, the miniscule ink pockets break, releasing ink. This undergoes an instantaneous reaction with the clay layer on the underside of your original paper, creating a permanent copy of the marks you make.

Because the ink pockets are so small, the copy is incredibly accurate and detailed. The clarity of important information, such as expense numbers, isn’t lost or easily confused. It makes ABC’s NCR printing the obvious choice for all your documentation.


NCR has unlimited uses, particularly with our bespoke offers that allow you to specify the layout and details of all your pads, books and sets. We have customers in Leeds that deal with security, automobiles, medical services and plumbing — among many more.

NCR pads are used for receipt books, invoices, expense and registration forms, credit notes and purchase orders. Whatever forms you find yourself filling out, NCR makes admin and documentation smoother and easier.

NCR Printing Offers

We provide a huge range of different NCR Printing for Leeds businesses and offer free delivery throughout mainland UK. Even if our standard services don’t cover your requirements, we love to offer custom NCR pads and printing with complete bespoke packages.

NCR Pads and Sets

Our NCR pads come in standard A6-A3 sizes, but if you require something else, we would love to create the perfect product for you. As well as pads, we offer books and sets. Sets describe individual papers of duplicate to quadruplicate forms, while pads and books are collections of sets that are carefully and expertly designed to copy perfectly.

We use specialist glue for all our carbonless printing sets. It means that the duplicate forms are easily torn away and minimises the possibility of ripping. It allows you to produce clean and professional copies for your customers.

Specialist Extras

We have extra services that can easily be applied to any commercial printing order. These include: sequential numbering to help you organise and keep track of your accounts, forms and invoices; perforating; security masking to prevent the copy of sensitive information; and wrap around writing shields, among many other options.

ABC are a design and print company, which means that we also offer full in-house design services. We can work with your already established branding or artwork to create clear and effective designs for printing. Alternatively, we can design new branding from scratch.

Get in touch with your Leeds NCR printing experts today.

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