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Manchester NCR Printing

Carbonless Printing in Manchester

from experienced commercial printers

ABC Design and Print have almost thirty years experience as commercial printers, offering high quality NCR printing to Manchester and the whole UK. Established in 1988, we pride ourselves on delivering a huge range of products to commercial businesses across the city and country. Since we began, we have expanded hugely and have become carbonless specialists. It allows us to offer bespoke printing with custom NCR pads and paper. Whatever your business or service, we can help you stay organised, efficient and professional.

NCR: No carbon required

NCR is the common industry acronym for ‘no carbon required’. It is the upgrade to carbon copy which was used for decades to create replicas of important documents, such as time sheets or registration forms. However, carbon copy had many flaws. Because it used a separate sheet inserted between your two pieces of paper (the original and the one onto which you are copying) there were often errors as the paper moved or shifted. It was also expensive and created a lower quality of copy than many people and businesses required.

NCR provided an easy and low-fuss solution. It works without any additional sheets. A layer of clay is printed onto the underside of the original sheet and a coat of ink capsules onto the copy sheet. These layers are so thin that they are unnoticeable to the user. When high pressure is applied, such as that caused by a pen or dot matrix printer, the capsules break. The released ink undergoes a high-speed reaction with the clay, producing a permanent mark on the copy sheet.

The ink capsules are miniscule. This creates an extremely high level of detail on the duplicate paper. It also prevents smudges or inaccuracies in important data, such as financial reports or invoices. ABC’s NCR products are the best way to create high quality documentation for both your customer and yourself.

Custom NCR

Due to our decades of experience, we are able to provide NCR printing to Manchester that is tailored around the individual. You shouldn’t have to settle for a form that just about meets your requirements or has an extra column you don’t need. Nor should you have to accept unbranded and generic NCR pads. We provide full customisation services. This means that whatever you require, we can create carbonless paper that meets every one of your expectations and needs.

Adding branding and contact details to your forms, invoices and other documents has a number of benefits. It makes you look more professional and increases your customers’ brand awareness. This can go a long way in building trust and reliability. Contact details make it easier than ever for your customer to find you number and return back to your business again and again. Don’t accept blank or generic NCR, instead choose ABC’s custom services that allow you to build a solid reputation while keeping your processes efficient and organised.

Other Printing Services

We offer a host of commercial printing. With our carbonless services, there are many extras that can make your pads and books even easier to work with. This includes perforation, sequential numbering, and security masking that prevents chosen details from transferring onto duplicates.

You can also find many other Manchester commercial printing solutions. We have specialist embossing, foil blocking and die cutting experts. We also print and design: raffle tickets, stationery, booklets, labels, notebooks, envelopes and more.

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