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NCR Paper

ABC Design & Print is a commercial printing company who specialise in printing carbonless NCR paper in the form of invoice books, receipt books, timesheets and more. While we offer a huge host of high-quality commercial printing options, everything from leaflets to business cards, carbonless NCR printing is our key area of expertise.

When it comes to NCR paper, we have you covered. Whatever form of NCR you want, from credit notes to a receipt book, we provide you with bespoke printing and high-quality products. Not only are our NCR paper products the best in design, we also offer fantastic prices.

“I was very happy with the quality and price of ABC’s NCR printing and would definitely use again.” – Dave, Restaurant Owner, Bristol

Custom NCR

If you want fully bespoke designs on all your NCR paper, then get in touch today. ABC have years of experience in the printing industry and are experts in NCR. We also pride ourselves on our excellent customer services. We’re not happy until you’re happy, so go above and beyond to bring you the best. It’s why we create custom NCR paper; to ensure you get everything you want and are 100% satisfied with every order.

NCR paper, also known as carbonless paper, is a brilliant way to create copies of various documents within your business. There are a huge variety of different forms of NCR paper, all of which ABC can create and print for you. These include invoice books, registration forms, timesheets and many more. NCR allows you to keep accurate records within your own administration system, whilst also providing your customer with professional documents to keep for their own records.

NCR was born from the previous method of duplication: carbon copy. While carbon copy did allow businesses to duplicate handwritten documents, it was a process that was messy (with lots of excess paper) and often led to errors. Carbonless printing was developed as an easy alternative to carbon copy. Hassle-free and accurate, NCR paper is the best way to duplicate documents.

While carbon copy required you to insert a sheet between the paper, NCR has everything included. The paper itself is coated with microscopic ink and clay that allows the duplication to occur instantly and accurately, minimising problems and maximising efficiency.

The top sheet of paper – the original document – has a layer of microencapsulated dye molecules coated on its underside. The copy document has a coat of clay, invisible to the naked eye. When a high pressure point, such as a pen tip, is applied to the paper, it bursts the dye molecules. These react with the layer of clay and form a pigment on the second piece of paper, copying exactly the marks of the pen.

If you have a triplicate NCR pad, the second sheet also has a layer of microencapsulated dye on its underside and a third sheet is coated with clay. The same process means the single pressure point on the original document creates a clear copy on every layer, without a reduction in quality.

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ABC Design and Print print custom NCR paper to your unique requirements. Whether you want pads, books or other NCR paper products, we deliver the best.