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NCR Printing Birmingham

Birmingham NCR and Carbonless Printing Services

ABC Design and Print are commercial printers serving Birmingham. We provide custom NCR pads and paper with branded designs so you can maintain a professional look in all your documentation. We have been working in the commercial printing industry since 1988, which means we have almost thirty years experience and have developed our company as NCR itself was developing. It makes us experts in carbonless NCR printing, able to bring you the highest quality products.

What is NCR?

NCR is an acronym for no carbon required — although some people claim is stands for non-carbon reproducing. Either way, it was developed from carbon copy paper. Carbon copy was the first kind of paper that allowed multiple versions of handwritten (or dot matrix printed) documents. This means copies of important material could be distributed to multiple people, most commonly your records and your customers.

However, carbon copy paper was messy, frustrating to use and often expensive. NCR presented the solution. Instead of having an extra insert of paper between the original and copy sheet (as in carbon copy), NCR paper has coated ink and clay on the sheets, reducing the paper required. It has an extremely high level of accuracy, allowing important detailed marks such as signatures or invoice numbers to remain clear and concise.

What is carbonless printing used for?

In commercial printing, NCR has a huge number of uses. It’s commonly used in many service-based businesses, such as accountancy firms, electricians, car garages or restaurants. ABC Printing offer a huge range of different NCR papers. This includes: NCR pads, timesheets, receipt books, invoices, enquiry forms and expense forms. Whatever Birmingham business and service you provide, we can provide the branded NCR paper to help you keep your processes organised and your customers happy.

Custom NCR pads

Personalisation and branding of your documents is important. Not only does it create a professional aesthetic, but it also makes return custom easy. If a customer can receive and invoice or other record complete with your company’s logo and contact details, it increases brand awareness and makes contacting you in the future easy.

ABC also offer complete design services in house. We can work with your company’s already established artwork or create logos and other design from scratch to bring you high-quality, custom NCR pads. Our work is always centered around your requirements to provide you with a product that meets the highest expectations.

Our range of carbonless paper

We offer a massive range of standard products, as well as fully bespoke packages, to make finding the perfect NCR option for your Birmingham business as easy as possible. Standard NCR pads include A6, A5, A4 and A3 and in duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate forms.

Your final product can come as NCR pads, books or sets and we offer lots of optional extras. This includes perforated books, security masking (allowing only certain details to be transferred onto the copy), hole punching and sequential numbering. However, if you’re looking for something unique in terms of size or extras, we tailor our printing services to what you need.

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