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NCR Printing Edinburgh

Commercial printers: carbonless printing in Edinburgh

NCR printing provides a high-quality solution to creating duplicate documentation for your Edinburgh business. ABC Design and Print have been operating since 1988, giving us almost thirty years experience in commercial printing. We have development alongside the growth and progress of NCR, making us UK carbonless experts.

We have a huge range of different services including NCR pads and paper, branding design and specialist printing extras, such as perforated paper and security wrapping. While our standard services are comprehensive, we also offer completely bespoke printing solutions that enable you to get the exact printing products you require.

NCR: no carbon required

NCR is an acronym for no carbon required, highlighting its development from the old form of creating multiple copies of documents: carbon copy. Carbon copy used an extra sheet of paper between the original and the duplicate sheet. It was harder to organise and keep tidy, often lost accuracy or clarity and could be expensive.

NCR offered an easy solution. Rather than using an extra sheet of paper, it instead relies on a thin coating of ink or clay on the already present paper. This coating is so thin that it isn’t noticeable to the user. When a pressure point is applied, such as a pen or dot matrix printer, tiny ink capsules are ruptured. These undergo a chemical reaction with a layer of clay on the underside of the original sheet, creating a permanent copy of handwritten information. The ink capsules are so tiny that it allows for extremely accurate duplication. Important information, such as expense numbers or signatures, retain their detail.

There are different options for NCR pads from duplicate, which creates one extra copy, to triplicate or quadruplicate. It means that carbonless printing satisfies a huge range of different uses and requirements.

What is carbonless used for?

There are a huge range of uses for NCR printing. In Edinburgh alone, we have provided products to schools, car garages, plumbers, solicitors and more. Among other things, NCR is often used for:

Credit Notes
Time Sheets
Registration Forms
Delivery Notes
Restaurant Bills
Receipt Pads
Enquiry Forms

However, carbonless offers a solution for any documentation of which you require multiple copies. We offer additional services with options such as security masking. This uses a mask to prevent the copy of specific information onto the duplicate document. You can keep certain numbers, names or data to the original, allowing additional protection and security.

Custom NCR

All our NCR paper comes with options for personalisation. This means that you can include your branding on every receipt, invoice or expense form. It creates a professional look that increases awareness of your brand, as well as enabling easy return custom. With contact details included on all your documentation, it makes it simpler than ever for a customer to find your phone number in the future.

ABC also provide in-house design options. We can work either from scratch or based on your current branding to create artwork that is tailored completely to you.

Bespoke Printing

Our bespoke services take customisation even further. Not only can you place your branding and design onto NCR pads, you can also request any size, function or extras that you require. We love to create tailored products that satisfy your niche needs. Nothing is too specific, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with expert NCR printers in Edinburgh.

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