Receipt Book: What to Look For

What to Look for From a Duplicate Receipt Book


Duplicate receipt books are essential to many businesses, enabling you to keep accurate records as well as serve your customers as effectively as possible. However, there are loads of options when buying a receipt book and it can be hard to know what to look for in a quality and professional pad. We, at ABC Design and Print, are here to bring you the ultimate guide to buying duplicate receipt books.

We’ve broken out guide into the top three things to consider when looking for your perfect receipt pad: method of copy, book style and professional branding.


Type of Receipt Book


Carbonless and NCR

The method of duplication is important when you’re selecting a receipt book for your business. At one point, the only way to duplicate documents was through carbon copy. This method does create copies, but there are several problems that are associated with it; the most significant of which is its ineffectiveness. It creates copies that are hard to read and therefore causes problems to your customers and yourself. It is vital, when it comes to receipts, that this is avoided. If numbers are mistaken, it can lead to a lot of issues for your business.

Therefore, when you’re looking for a duplicate receipt book, you need another option. Carbonless printing, known as NCR, is perfect for this. As the name suggests, it’s a way to create duplicate documents without the use of carbon. NCR is much more accurate, reducing the chance of inaccuracies or errors in communication.

When selecting your book, ensure that you choose NCR paper rather than carbon copy.


Book Style

When it comes to book style, you need to consider what you require from your receipt book. For example, you can choose between duplicate and triplicate pads. The former creating just one duplication of your original receipt and the latter creating two copies. The first is much more popular as it fulfills the requirements of most businesses. However, if you’re serving in a particular niche, you could consider whether triplicate books would be useful to you.

There are also different options for the formatting of your book. Cheaper duplicate invoice books are simple, with a standard set of columns and rows for data. However, we at ABC make all our receipt books bespoke and custom to you. This means that there aren’t any redundant parts of the form that look unprofessional and you can also add custom columns to fulfill requirements that are unique to your business.

Having this option is an important thing to consider when you’re looking for your receipt book.


Professional Branding

This is a highly important factor to consider for any business documents and receipts. You can get generic receipt books from large wholesalers, but not only are these usually poor in design and quality, but they also lack any custom designs such as your brand name. This creates a cheap and unprofessional look, which isn’t attractive to your customers.

On the other hand, receipts books that are custom-made offer branding options. This includes your logo and contact details, as well as any other unique branding. This is not only important to allow you to maintain a professional look, but also vital when it comes to encouraging repeat custom.

Customers will often use a receipt as a way to keep hold of your business phone number, email or website and locate it in the future. Without branding, you miss out on a huge opportunity to retarget people and bring in future custom.


When you’re looking for a receipt book, you’re looking for something that suits you and your requirements. Don’t settle for an unprofessional look or inaccuracies in the copy, get in touch with ABC Design and Print.

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