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NCR Printing Chesterfield

Carbonless printing and NCR for Chesterfield

ABC Design and Print have been working in the commercial printing industry since 1988. With over thirty years of experience we offer professional printing services, including NCR printing, in Chesterfield and across the UK. Developed as a replacement of carbon-copy, NCR pads and paper were created to simplify the process. Carbonless printing has made it easier than ever for businesses to be able to create clear duplicate documentations for themselves and their customers.

At ABC we specialise in creating NCR printing Chesterfield pads and paper, complete with your company’s branding, style and contact details. Our services make both brand awareness and repeat custom easy, while also helping you to maintain a professional appearance in all of your business processes.

What is NCR?

NCR is a commonly used acronym for ‘no carbon required’, a modern way to create duplicate handwritten documents. NCR printing provides a much simpler solution than the previous version, carbon copy. It functions by having a thin layer of clay on the back of your main document alongside of a layer of ink which breaks and duplicates information when the pressure of writing is put on the paper. This creates multiple copies of handwritten documents allowing multiple people to obtain a copy. This gives extremely precise and accurate copying of pressure marks, meaning that very little or no detail is lost from the original copy.

ABC specialise in creating NCR printing products, such as pads and individual papers that are custom designed for you. We can print your logo and design onto the paper so all of your documents look professional and well made. We also offer full colour, dual colour or single colour, allowing for full personalisation of any pad or individual document.

Carbon free printing most commonly comes in a pad, with each sheet attached with glue to allow easy and clean separation. At ABC, however, we do offer a range of different options, including books, loose documentation and sets. We work our best to tailor our products specifically to your needs, so we can provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Other Printing Services

We also offer in-house design services, working with your basic artwork to produce designs for a range of different products and uses. As commercial printers, we provide completely unique and bespoke services. This includes printing onto special papers, with spot colours and metallic inks. We also offer foil blocking printing, embossing and die cutting.

Our services don’t stop there so if you have any unique needs or requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Chesterfield printing experts.

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